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Get only Educational and Fun Content for your kids... 100% Educational Search Engine

Keep your kids safe from cyber stalkers, explicit material and images on the Internet...

We are dedicated to keeping your kids safe while using the Internet. Our search engine is designed strictly for kids. We don’t just give you a filter like other search engines, we physically go through every site that our search engine will bring up and make sure there is only good content that your children can access.   

We designed it for schools to use for their students during computer class, so the teacher can rest assured they do not need to pay extra faculty members to monitor the students while they are searching the Internet for their school projects, home work or research. The great part of our search engine is, it only gives good reliable content that has no derogatory information and can help them on their special school projects and save the information to a personal page that is for their personal student notes and research.

We don’t just rely on software to check out sites. All of the content on our search engine is analyzed by a live person to guarantee a 100% safe environment...

Even though we have proprietary software to analyze sites on the Internet, we still use live human screening of every site to be sure that the content meets or exceeds CIPA guidelines.

Our safesearch engine is powered by which is one of the newest search engines available to the public. They have also created search engine for kids that is one of the only search engines that is totally safe for children at home and at school.

Ask your local school if they use Gopit/ search engine for the computer labs.

Safe Search for Kids search engine for kids childrens search engine “We know how important it is to keep kids safe from explicit content on the Internet” Search Safe Content

Many of the big search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing have search filters for kids, they still don’t filter out all of the derogatory and explicit content. The filters are not sophisticated enough to keep your kids safe from adult and explicit content. They also allow advertising content even with filters on to pop up on your child's computer while searching.

The big search engine companies make their money from the advertisers and really don’t see kids search engines as a priority for their companies. That’s where we come in and give you the best search engine for children of all ages. Click on the Free Trial button and get a 14 day free trial... No Credit Card Required! See why we are leading the Internet search for kids. We are confident you will be very impressed.

Don’t Let Your Child Become a Victim 
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